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Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you treat Depression?

Yes, depression is a common symptoms felt by many. The experience of feeling prolonged sadness, lack of motivation and interest in life, low self esteem, isolation, difficulty sleeping, and thoughts of self harm or escape can all be present with depression. Each person's experience with depression is unique in terms of their own life and the impact it is having on you and others. Therapy is a place to understand your depression, how it impacts you, and to be able to build healthy internal support to change the depressed aspects of yourself.

Do you treat anxiety?

Yes, we all have anxiety. Anxiety serves a useful purpose, but when it becomes so overwhelming and interferes with your daily life it is time to understand the source of your anxiety and receive treatment. Anxiety is unique to each person, so it is important to understand the meaning and function of your anxiety. 

How long is a psychotherapy session?

For individual psychotherapy, the initial visit is one hour. Each psychotherapy session after the initial session is 45 minutes. 

What does a session look like?

My style of therapy is provide you with the space and time to be able to share what is on your mind. The therapy session is a place to be able to slow down and begin to pay attention to your life with the help of an experienced psychologist. 

Therapy is the beginning of a conversation about you in the presence of a trained and experienced psychologist. With my training and experience as a clinician I can support and assist you in beginning to understand you, learn about you, and hopefully assist you in making the changes you want in your life.

What is your Treatment Approach?

My approach to psychotherapy is based on the belief that we function in our lives based upon our past relationships with early figures in our life. These relationships begin to form our internal self. Some of these experience remain conscious and other are unconscious. I believe the process of lasting change comes from beginning to focus not only on the external conscious aspects of your life, but to also to begin to listen to your deeper internal self that contains the unconscious aspects of you. By being able to focus on both the conscious and unconscious experiences in your life, we can begin to address the deeper issues that may be complicating your life and interfering with your ability to make lasting change.

While working with you, our work together is to understand both the conscious and unconscious aspects of your mind. By being able to learn, understand and give meaning to your internal world, change can happen. By becoming aware of what you are unaware of within you which is your unconscious self, you may have more options and choices to be able to change. Therapy is a process, a relationship and a movement towards recognizing the old and moving towards a new creation which can be a new thought, a new feeling or new behavior.

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