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Areas of Treatment

In my practice, I specialize in working with adults from young adulthood to one's elder years. Each stage of adulthood brings different life experiences.

As you continue through your adult life, each stage brings with it change and challenges. Sometimes we meet these areas of our life as opportunities for growth or they can sometimes result in our being stuck, overwhelmed and unable to move forward. These times can be filled with much pain which can complicate our ability to move on with life. At these times we may develop certain symptoms.

Your symptoms can be your mind's way of trying to get your attention. When the body is afflicted, we experience physical pain and we seek out some type of physical care. When the mind is afflicted and in pain, we have symptoms. There is a very strong mind/body connection so seeking out mental health care is vital to restoring ourselves.

There are many areas of adult life where one might begin to develop symptomatology. Depression and anxiety are very common symptoms that develop. You may be a young adult establishing yourself in the world more independently from your parents. This can be an exciting time, but also scary. Stepping out in life on your own is a big task. Trying to form relationships, seeking employment and resources to support yourself is challenging.

You may be in mid-adulthood, addressing issues of a committed relationship, the loss of a relationship, or maybe trying to have children or parenting while managing a career and juggling your needs with everyone else in your life.

You may also be at the stage of adulthood, where empty nesting is soon to come or has arrived and now you may be wondering what is the meaning of your life now. What is your purpose and direction in life without familiar roles.

Maybe you are moving to a stage of redefining yourself without the familiar roles of work and home. The change or loss of a career or a role in your life can be quite confusing and disturbing.

Throughout all of these stages, we can at one time or another experience a traumatic or tragic event. These times of loss can create much pain and complications in life's journey.

In any of these times of difficulty, you may find reaching out to an experience psychologist can be essential in moving on with less pain. I would welcome a call from you.

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