If you are reading this right now, I imagine you are considering beginning therapy. Starting the process of therapy can be a new and unknown step. Finding the right fit with a therapist is an important aspect of the process. On my website, I will try to describe my practice, my experience and my therapeutic style so you can determine if my style and background fits what you are looking for in therapy.
Together we can uncover the stumbling blocks in your life that may interfere with you making the changes and choices you want in your life.  Therapy is about making changes based on who you are, your beliefs, your needs, your values and your goals.  Therapy is a process of learning more about who you are as an individual so you can be less confused, less overwhelmed and freer to make choices and decisions to live the life you want! 

 Perhaps now you are having many different feelings and thoughts that are difficult to understand and experience.  Most likely your life is not going as you expected. Maybe it is due to a specific life situation or a long term issue that is creating difficulty for you.  In my practice, as an experienced and well-trained Doctoral Clinical Psychologist, I can offer you help to sort through these times of uncertainty.
Often during these challenging times, our relationships with others can be very difficult and stressful. These may be relationships within your home, your extended family, a new or ongoing relationship, or within the work setting.  You may be having troubling taking care of yourself.  Symptoms of feeling down, blue, anxious, woried, lack of concentration, poor sleep and general unhappiness can be common.  My therapeutic style is to address not only the symptoms that may be interferring with your well being, but the underlying concerns and challenges in your life.  
 As we work together therapeutically, we can begin to understand the sources and meanings of the various challenges and concerns in your life. Therapy can provide you with both space and time to understand more about yourself. As you gain understanding and insight into yourself, you may begin to uncover internal stumbling blocks that may be hindering your ability to grow and make change in your life.  We are not born with all the answers, so getting help from an experienced professional can allow you to figure things out, learn and develop new ideas to initiate growth and change for you.
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